A Look Into Vista’s Upcoming Football Stars

MacKenzie Diehl, Staff writer

As another football season has come and gone, some begin to wonder what the future holds for Vista del Lago football. However, rest assured, Vista’s Junior Eagles midget team will prove their strength as they’ll soon be entering their high school years.

The Vista del Lago Junior Eagles ended their 2016 season with a 6-2 record. Several of the players have been playing since they were on the youngest team, the Mighty Mights. After about six years of playing football, they’ve already grown as players and a cohesive team.

As many of the players have been in football  for so long together, they’ve become brothers–playing together with a bond that can be used in incredible ways when it comes to sports like football.

For years, players have come through the Jr. Eagles and followed with successful high school careers.

Many of the varsity players on the high school team have younger brothers who will be entering high school and playing for the Vista football team. If they follow the path of their older brothers, they’re likely to have a future in football.

Going through the Jr. Eagle program introduces young players to football and helps teach them the skills they need to progress in high school.

We believe participating in the Jr. program can help prepare you, it is not the only way,” said head coach of the varsity football team, Mike Struebing.

Vista del Lago opened in 2007, and since then the athletics program has quickly grown, moving up in divisions and winning many league titles. The majority of our sports teams win most of the match ups with other teams; likewise, the Vista junior eagles program proves themselves among their opponents.

In order to be a successful team, coaches guide their players from the beginning of their football careers to be compassionate and hardworking athletes.

Hard work, discipline and a love of football,” are things that Struebing says his players were taught in the junior program.

Players learn that they can’t give up when there’s an obstacle, but instead to push through the pain with a positive mental attitude.

The junior football program teaches younger athletes discipline and teamwork while keeping them fit and active. This program creates a base for athletes to progress into their high school years as strong players of the game.

The Junior Eagle Midgets have a lot of talent that will translate well to high school football. Coaches and students look forward to seeing how this group of kids can stack up next to the high school competition.

Coach Struebing suggests young athletes join the Jr. Eagles program. “If kids are excited and passionate about playing football, I encourage them to join the Jr. program. The program offers a great experience to learn, make new friends, and have a lot of fun.”