Eagle’s Basketball Season is Underway


Trevor Corey , Staff Writer

The Vista del Lago basketball season is underway. It has been long awaited, and everyone is hoping for another season like the previous. On November 28, the boys took home a well-deserved win. They had a well-played game, leading Cordova High 85-70.

“We were all waiting for the season to start and the outcome of our first game made the excitement for the season to start even better,” said varsity shooting guard, Will Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick played a great game, putting up 14 points, 2 being 3-pointers. He has been playing basketball all of his life, so “getting buckets” is a normal occurrence for him. Fitzpatrick has also been on Varsity for three years.

The team never had a time in the game when they were behind. Cordova High School did not stand a chance at winning the game.

Basketball brought Vista together as the students came together in the Eagle’s Nest. “Being a part of the student section is an awesome feeling,” said leader of the student section, Peter Palasti. “The boys played a great game, it was so fun to watch them and cheer them on, and their win over Cordova made the night even better.”

“Offensively, we played very well. We ran our offense and took good shots,” said head varsity coach Tim Weir. “Defensively we need  to improve. Not happy with the effort on the defensive end of the floor.”

The boys have some work to do, but for the first game they played well.

“If we continue to play offensively like we did, we will be in many games. If we play defensively like we did, we will have a hard time beating really good teams,” said Weir.

The boys are looking to carry their victories over their next game against Oak Ridge on Tuesday, December 6.