E-Sports Comes to Vista

E-Sports Comes to Vista

Trevor Corey, Staff writer

E- sports gaming, also known as electronic sports, is a professional competition between people in which they battle against others for prizes. The world of gaming is becoming increasingly popular, turning into a multimillion dollar industry with some tournaments having cash prizes of up to $20,770,640 at The International 2016 Tournament.

This growing hobby has made its way to Vista del Lago High School; Matthew Ormson started the E-sports club this year.

“I started this club because I wanted to bring the fun and exciting world of gaming to Vista,” said Ormson.

The club is open to all grade levels and welcomes anyone who interested in gaming.

“We love gaming with new people and having new competition to play with,” said Ormson

The club holds all of their meetings on Mondays where they battle it out for the best player. At the E-sports club meetings they participate in multiple games such as CSGO Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League, Fifa, and Call of Duty. They do not just play the games for fun, but for bragging rights between friends.

“I love being a part of the club and making memories with friends while still being able to be competitive, and I wouldn’t want to be apart of any other club,” said the treasurer and avid player of video games, Kody Madore.

The E-sports club is a great place for new video gamers to come and test out their new skills.

“The goal of our club is to unite like-minded students to play together and not to be stuck in their rooms by themselves,” said Madore

The club also offers coaching if you are not an experienced gamer. They have coaches that are open to helping anyone become a better, more experienced gamer or just teach people how to play in general.

Sean Kenrow is one of the expert gaming coaches.

“Helping kids get better at gaming is what I signed up for,” said Kenrow. “I love gaming and by helping other people get better and love it as much as I do is what makes this club so fun.”

The E-Sports club is a fun new way for people to come together over gaming where they can better their skills and make new friendships.