Volleyball Season

Nate Rettinger, Staff Writer

The girls volleyball team has had a successful season this year. The varsity girls team has a 5-3 win/loss ratio and is third in the league. The JV girls are also having a good season with a 6-4 win/loss ratio.

The varsity girls team is doing well despite losing 6 seniors last year. The team is full of new faces including two freshmen: Joy Kanarik, an outside hitter, and Jayden Shaw, an opposite hitter.

Amber Olson, a senior outside hitter for the team, is proud of the new recruits.“I was so impressed by the new players…we lost a lot of talented seniors last year but we are still doing great,” said Amber Olson.

The team’s energy is working well with everybody on the team. Olson says that they are a strong team and don’t rely on solo players and instead they play as a team.

“I really can’t pick one person on our team that does more than the other…We have a lot of talent on our team,” said Olson.

The JV girls are also finding success this season with six wins under their belt. They beat El Camino, Rio Americano, Mira Loma and Casa Roble. They have also scored a win against Christian Brothers, a hard hitting team in their division. Lindsey Moody, a sophomore on the JV team, points to the leadership of the team as a reason for their success.

“The coach is honestly one of the best I have ever had. Our team really works well with her,” said Moody.

The varsity team also played Christian Brothers but not with the same results. Last year, the varsity team made it all the way up to division championships only to lose to Christian Brothers in the final round. They came out as second best in the division. Olson has different expectation this year.

“Christian Brothers has a good defense but we have a good offense…I expect our team to make it past section finals like last year and then hopefully beat Christian Brothers in section finals,” said Olson.

The team’s last game of the season was on October 27.