Varsity Boys Basketball

Nate Rettinger, Staff Writer

After a successful last season, the boy’s basketball team hopes to take the State title. In preparation, varsity boys coach Tim Weir is starting the training period now to better ready the team for their first game on November 28.

Last year’s varsity basketball season was successful for the team. The boys made it all the way to sections where they beat Capital Christian with a half court shot by William Fitzpatrick. Weir was pleased with the ending of the season.

“Very happy with the way the team came together as a group, including never giving up during the games…The turnout during our regular season and playoff games was very helpfully to the team’s success,” said Weir.

Terry Moody, a senior on the varsity basketball team, said the plan was to beat the Christian Brothers team.

“We didn’t plan on making it past sections. Our main focus of the season was to beat Christian Brothers and we accomplished that. We didn’t look any farther along the road,” said Moody.

The focus from last year has changed. Now the team is looking to take the title of State Champs during what is now the preseason for the team.

“The players have been working very hard since last April, both individually and as a team. They continue to get better on a daily basis,” said Weir.

They have four to five scheduled practices running through drills, reviewing past plays while learning new ones and developing their skills. Moody said that even past the scheduled practices, many are training on their own time by going to the gym every day or taking stamina and strength courses. All this work is to prepare them for the end of the season where they will have to compete against top teams for a win.

The team is confident in their ability, not to mention excited for a chance to show it. Moody says that the team is confident that they will win against cross-town rivals Folsom and have a successful season.

“The team is looking really good this year. Everybody on the team has been working really hard and is ready to win,” said Moody.

Along with the coaches and players, students are also excited to see the boys playing. Wesley Foster and Sarah Adams are both currently part of the Bleed Blue Crew of Vista, a group of highly enthusiastic and spirited students dedicated to cheering for any of the school’s teams, and both enjoy the basketball games. Both are very enthusiastic when in the student section.

“I love being up close in the action of the Bleed Blue Crew getting spirited, got all those fire chants,” said Foster.

Weir also cites the Bleed Blue Crew as being a big help in the way the boys play.

“The relationship between the student body and the basketball team was probably the best I have seen in my 30-plus years of being around high school basketball… There has been communication between the basketball program and the student leadership. We are going to continue with last year’s game activities for the students and  will continue to look for other opportunities for the student body to get involved at our games,” said Weir.

The varsity boy’s basketball team is looking forward to the season and wants Vista students to come out to support it.

“We are going to have a great season and it’s exciting to watch the game up close and personal,” said Moody.

The first scheduled game for the varsity team is Monday, November 28, at 7:30 against Cordova High and in the gym at Vista.