Overview of the 2016 Emmys


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Arin Enders, Arts and Entertainment Section Editor

Lights, camera, action! Many actors and actresses of the television world attended the 68th Emmy Awards, looking over the nominees and applauding the winners. Some of the students at Vista del Lago, along with many others, were excited to see the results.

The 2016 Emmy Awards event took place July 14; however, the winners were announced on Sept. 14 on ABC. The Emmy winners can be seen on the Emmys website or down below:

Emmy Winners
Emmy Winners

This year’s Emmys was hosted by American television host, Jimmy Kimmel, whom Vista del Lago junior Alexa Celaya was excited about “because he is funny and brightened up the Emmys.” As the host, Kimmel comments about the Emmys’ diversity, praising the fact the nominees this year are so diverse.

Besides the praise for diversity, writer of comedy show “Master of None”, Alan Yang, made an acceptance speech, commenting on Asian Americans and how it was important for them to have representation in pop culture.

There were many other speeches made, such as one from “Transparent” lead actor, Jeffrey Tambor, who made a plea about giving a chance to transgender people who possess the talent to act.

Rami Malek caught the attention of many people when he won the award for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” for the role he played in Mr. Robot. Darcella Whitright, a junior at Folsom High School, was surprised by Malek’s nomination and win. “I didn’t think [Malek] was a famous actor,” she said. Malek himself was surprised in receiving the award, being the first ethnic minority actor to win it since 1998.

While Whitright believes the whole show was great, Vista junior Alexa Celaya expresses her favorite part of the show as the part “when Jimmy Kimmel called [Donald] Trump’s wife Malaria [instead of Melania].”

Folsom resident David Chaplin, who watched the awards show, found Jimmy Kimmel’s stage entrance his favorite part of the show. “When the announcer announced Bill Cosby as the host, only to reveal Jimmy Kimmel as the host who [jokingly] wanted to see how everyone would react.”

The drama series “Game of Thrones” is a favorite among the viewers, including Celaya, Chaplin, and Whitright. All three agree that their favorite award given was the “Outstanding Drama Series” award which was won by “Game of Thrones.”

However, not there are a few complaints, Chaplin believes that Maisie Williams of “Game of Thrones”, who was nominated for the “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series” award, should have won it. “She’s a good actress for her age,” said Chaplin. Williams played Arya Stark in the drama series who Chaplin says is a “well-developed character.”

Whitright believes that the Netflix original series, “Orange is the New Black”, should have gotten an award, or at least been nominated for the “Outstanding Drama Series” award. Whitright describes it as a show that “portrays feminism.”

This year’s Emmys award show kept the viewers well entertained. Many attendees, such as the main kids from the popular Netflix original “Stranger Things”, had their fun at the awards show despite not getting any nominations.