Vista Lacrosse

Justin Moura, Staff writer

For the 2016- 2017 school year, Vista will begin its first season of lacrosse competing in the Capital Athletic League against a variety of new teams. At the head of the varsity team will be Coach Mike Messersmith.

This being the first season of Vista lacrosse, students are starting to get more excited to finally play a sport for their high school that they love. This season will give all players the experience of playing at a high school level and the chance to represent the school.

Junior Ayden Byrnes has played lacrosse the last 6 years for the Folsom Lacrosse Club. “I’m happy that Vista is starting a lacrosse program because it’s a cool sport and is really growing in popularity,” Byrnes said.

With it being the first season, there are several predictions for how the season may go. “I think the season will be different for everyone,” explained Byrnes. “This is our first season as a high school team and a lot of new people will be trying out, so a lot of practicing will be needed for us to be good… I do not  think we will be terrible ,but again it will take a lot of practice and hard work to at least be decent or even better,’’ said Byrnes.

Coach Messersmith played lacrosse in college and has some experience with the sport. “I started playing lacrosse when I was in my late high school years and ended up playing all the way through college and eventually coaching at that level,” Messersmith said.

With a new variety of teams Vista will have to play, Coach Messersmith gives some insight on how he feels the first season will go. “We have a really rough league that we’re in, and there’s a lot of good teams in that league, but we have a large pool of lacrosse players in Folsom that will stack up reasonably well year one and will only get stronger after that,” said Messersmith.

Fall lacrosse just started and Messersmith has seen a variety of new players and advanced players. He encourages any students interested in joining the team to come out and give it a shot.