Stadium Dreams become Reality

Stadium Dreams become Reality

Trevor Corey, Staff writer

A loud boom is heard across the campus as a four-ton tractor drills into the side of the hill. Construction is underway for the stadium at Vista del Lago High School, and students are very excited for it to be completed. It will hold all types of sporting events, such as football, soccer, lacrosse and many more.

“The stadium bleacher, field house and snack bar project started May of 2016, and we’re expecting to be completed March of 2017,” said Daniel Thigpen, Director of Communication and Community Engagement.

The new stadium is bringing much excitement to the school, but a big project also brings some problems.

“The challenges are those typically associated with constructing large-scale, complex projects on an active school campus. Juggling a school’s needs with the needs of our contractors can be difficult in confined areas,” said Thigpen. “Changing weather patterns, for example, or unforeseen underground conditions can impact construction timelines, but we work closely with our contractors to mitigate those types of problems and minimize delays.”

Luckily, the building is going smoothly and students cannot wait for it to be finished.

“I am pumped for the stadium to be completed, and I think it will bring the school closer together and make the school a better place,” said Alex Beckmann, a senior at Vista.

For many, the stadium will be the highlight of Friday-night lights,  where students can enjoy rivalry games between other schools and also grab a snack from the new snack bar.

“Going to Friday night football games at the stadium will be something I will look forward to all week at school,” said Beckmann.

Many students will attend these games, bringing the school together over a common ground.

“The new stadium will add a new culture and atmosphere to the school that will be great for our students,” said Michael Struebing, varsity football coach at Vista. “The new stadium will have an added revenue to our school because people are excited to be a part of the school and not the other stadium,” said Struebing.

The Vista stadium is a great addition for the school and will be used for many years to come.