Aaron’s Untold Adversity

“There’s a lot of stuff in life that matters, but there’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t.” – Aaron Ramsay

Karson White, Voices of Vista Manager

On the outside, Aaron Ramsay appears to be a typical Vista del Lago student; he takes AP classes, plays guitar and is involved with the Chi Ro club.

Only Aaron’s friends and family know what he has persevered through his whole life.  He is one of nearly 100,000 people in the United States that live with Sickle Cell Anemia.

Although Aaron’s disease is something he has to be conscious of at all times for his personal well-being, he has not let it negatively influence his life. Despite his challenges and pain, he has managed to turn a horrible disease into inspiration to be a positive person. He even believes it has made his disposition more laid-back and easygoing.

Aaron is truly an example for us all, using his adversities as fuel to be a better person. Listening to Aaron’s story is a sobering way to realize the depths–or lack of depth–that many problems people invest so much time in today.