It Gets Better: Charlie Schroeder’s story


Vista seniors Charlie Schroeder and Rami Wilson

Karson White, Voices of Vista Managing Director

The tragic loss of 12-year-old former Folsom Middle School student Ronin Shimizu serves as a painful reminder that there are many among us who suffer under the harassment and cruelty of others. Growing up is hard enough, but growing up feeling tormented and alienated is unbearable. If Ronin’s life is to teach us something–and it must–let it illuminate the importance of acceptance or solidarity. There must exist a social contract that everyone has the undeniable right to happiness, and we all share the responsibility to help each other when in crisis. We can’t let anyone hurt like that again.

Vista senior Charlie Schroeder once knew the pain of being bullied mercilessly by his “peers”, but in the recording studios of Voices of Vista he shares the message that it does get better with his partner, Rami Wilson.

Charlie Schroeder
Charlie Schroeder