The Cultural Crossover

“You’re kind’ve like the only person dressed in black in a white crowd.” (Noor)


Noor and Hoda Ahmed

Karson White, Voices of Vista editor

On October 8, Vista sophomore Noor Ahmed and her mother, Hoda Ahmed, came to the Voices of Vista recording studio to share with us their story.

America is historically known for its broad range of diversity in immigrants who have journeyed in from regions around the world. But what truly is the experience like for these immigrants once they actually reach a new nation; how do they integrate their own culture and traditions?

Noor and Hoda discuss their experience of transitioning to a new country while trying to retain religious customs, in this case the wearing of the hijab, or headscarf.

Bumper music created by Andrew Sonico Eugenio courtesy of Vista’s Guitar Nation.
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