Vista Swim

Vista’s swim team is one of the many gems in the school’s crown. As the season ends, so does the experience for many graduating swimmers. It’s time to review the year:
The boys lost their previously undefeated title, while the girls won both sectionals and leagues. It’s believed the boys lost because the majority of these swimmers were gone. As for the girls, it’s obvious as to what caused this success: hard work.
Freshman swimmer Kelly White weighs in on the highs and lows of the season. “Highlight, probably league meets, I guess. I mean, I’m a freshman, and I made finals top eight and wasn’t even the very last one, so that was pretty cool.”  As for her regrets for the season: “When I accidentally missed two races in a row, and that was just sad. It was the first time I ever did that, and I got made fun of, a lot.”
White believes the most nerve racking part of swim is the moment before a race while on the blocks. “You’re afraid your going to mess up.” It was also hard for her to endure friendly, yet competitive competition between team memebers.

Overall, White’s favorite part of the season was having to put in hard work, and seeing that pay off right before her eyes.. We all love to see our hard work pay off. So, if your at all interested in joining Vista’s swim team don’t hesitate. It’s a fun, passionate sport, and also a great way to socialize. Good luck to all of incoming Vista swimmers!