Baseball Coach Receives 100 Wins


Nicole Lucio

Coach Seffens confidently guides his varsity baseball team to their 100 victory.

Vista del Lago’s baseball team took home his 100 win in five years, a remarkable achievement for such a new school.

Head coach Scott Seffens brought his victory count to triple-digits when the Eagles beat Oakdale High School 7-6 in playoffs this month.

“It was a great feeling, not just so much that it was the 100th game, but we beat Oakdale for it to be the 100th win,” said Seffens, who also teaches Algebra and Geometry at Vista.

The Eagles played against Oakdale on May 15 in Lodi, a “crazy” game that led to a win for Vista. After Oakdale eliminated Vista during playoffs in the last two years, Seffens said it was a good feeling to finally beat them.

“We were stuck at 99 (wins) and didn’t want to be stuck at 99 going into the next year,” Steffens said, “So it all worked out perfect.”

Seffens began coaching at Vista in 2009 and has helped build up the baseball program and many players on the field.

”Playing with Seffens was a great experience, he’s a great baseball coach and definitely taught me a lot,” said Andrew Schantz, senior pitcher and outfielder on Vista’s varsity baseball team.

Not only has Seffens achieved 100 wins for Vista this year, but he also brought the team to success during the season through the postseason.

The players agreed that getting this far in this years playoffs would have been difficult to achieve without Seffens.

“Seffens always told us never give up even if you’re down,” said senior Jacob Jones, left fielder for Vista’s varsity team.

A new season is coming next year, and Seffens knows it will be difficult but is confident with the new players coming in to take over the 13 spots that are being left by this seasons seniors.

“It’s nothing I really did; I ran the ship but it’s the guys getting the wins for you,” said Seffens.