2013-2014 Crosstown Cup

Every year Vista del Lago and Folsom High School battle it out in the Crosstown Cup to see who has the better soccer team and to earn bragging rights. ‘Crosstown’ has always been known as one of the biggest and most pressuring soccer games of the year for both schools. It is hosted at Folsom High School yearly, beginning with junior varsity and ending with varsity.

“It’s always the most exciting game for everyone to play, although it’s the most nerve-racking game of the year,” said Macey Moen, Vista varsity player.

The men’s soccer teams compete in fall and the women compete in spring. Both tournaments showcase the schools’ rivalries and always attracts large crowds.

While both the varsity and junior varsity 2013 men’s Crosstown Cup ended with a Vista win, the 2014 Women’s Crosstown Cup ended differently.

Vista women’s junior varsity beat the bulldogs 2-0, but Folsom High’s varsity took the title by a point after eight penalty kicks.

“I’m glad we were able to win against the Folsom team this year as well as knowing we won the cup,” said Morgan Rohmann, member of the women’s J.V. team. “Although, most of us were excited for the bragging rights we had against friends at Folsom High.”