Vista’s Battle of the Bands

Vista del Lago High School’s CME (contemporary music ensemble) students rocked out at the fourth-annual Battle of the Bands, where they performed two songs per group based on the central theme “Tribute to the Big Screen.”

Participants had to choose songs from movies, TV, or video games, inspiring students to choose songs from featured songs from “Back to the Future,” “Avatar the Last Airbender,”  “An American Werewolf in London,” and more.

“My favorite part is to see how the students create it and craft to the theme,” CME teacher Vince Martini said.

The show started at high levels of energy and excitement. The audience and performers were very lively whether they were rocking out on stage, cheering on their fellow performers, or even standing up and dancing in front of the stage to the music.

The excitement continued throughout the night and into the award ceremony, when groups and individuals were given different awards for various achievements, such as the “Robert De Niro Award” for the best male singer.

After all of CME students finished, some Vista alumni and former members of the band “Eazy Dub” played a surprise performance while the judges determined the winners.

The Battle of the Bands was overall a fun experience everyone, as well as an important opportunity for the musicians to get to perform for an audience.

“It’s a competition, and you go big, and it’s fun to compete a little,” Jordan Stephen said. His group performed “Leaves from the Vine” from “Avatar: the last Airbender” and “A man of constant sorrow” from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

“The response from the crowd gives me a rush of energy and knowing I’m entertaining people really is a good feeling,” Stephen said.

Being on stage can be empowering for many of the musicians. “When I perform, I don’t have to worry about my own life; I’m just in the moment,” Kylie Williams said, another performer at the show. Her group performed “Pure Imagination” from “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory” as well as “Afternoon Delight” from “Anchorman.”

If you missed out on this year’s Battle of the Bands, be sure to attend next year to support the Vista music department and talented students.

The following awards were given to the performers:

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show Award”  for the best audience reaction – Steve Olso, Jack Munoz Kyle Foerstel, Adam Shilts and Reed Rompil.

“The Robert De Niro Award” for best male singer – Zach Machlachlan.

“The Meryl Streep Award” for best female singer – Avalon Gouger.

“The Spinal Tap Award” for the group who rocked the hardest – Nolan Kawanami, Aaron Schiek, Michael Uikisne and Brandon Kane.

“The Ferris Bueller Award” for best soloist – Nate Lempko.

“The Star Wars Award” for best stage presence – Cinnamon Crump, Avalon Gouger, Reed Rompil and Meg Howell.

“The Danny Elfman Award” for the strongest theme selection and arrangement – Nate Lempko, Brandon Kane, Aaron Schiek, Michael Viksne, Reed Rompil.

“The Devil Wears Prada Award” for best dressed individuals  – Reed Rompil, and Steven Olson

“The Red Carpet Award” for the best dressed group – Ali Gertsch, Amelia Eversole and Lucie Chevrevici

“The Sundance Film Festival Award” for most unique group – Zach Machlachlan, Jon Vought and Jeremy Sommer.

“The Entertainer Award” for best overall individual performers – Katie Robinette and Jordan Stephen.

“The Lord Of The Rings Award” for best overall group – Katie Robinette, Alex Jareljian, Marina Gamez, and Michael Viksne.