Welcome Christina Schultz

“Mrs. Schultz is one of those rare teachers who, even if maybe it wasn’t your favorite subject before, make you passionate about what they teach you,” said Jamie Jordan of the newest addition to the VDLHS staff. “She’s very dynamic and connected with her students.”

Christina Schultz is one of the new teachers at Vista del Lago, currently teaching World Cultures and U.S. History. Schultz moved to Folsom two years ago with her husband.

This is Schultz’s first year of teaching. She was inspired to be a teacher for two reasons. “I always loved learning and teaching was an easy transition,” she said. The other reason? “I wanted others to be inspired by me.”

Of course, transitions are never totally easy. The four-block schedule with 90 minutes is hard to adjust to, and it can be a little confusing, but “It’s been great,” she said.

When asked about her new students, she said, “Students have been great and supportive.”

So Schultz likes Vista del Lago, but how do her students feel about her? One student was unexpectedly hit with the question by Schultz on how cool she was, given a scale to 1 to 10. Her answer was 10.

Welcome to Vista, Christina Schultz. We hope you feel at home and continue with your positive experiences.