New Student Introspective: Marissa Elliott

Being a new student is difficult for anyone, but what’s it like being a new student at Vista?

Going to a new school can be difficult. Especially for new seniors, like Marissa Elliot. “However, Vista was a different experience,” said Elliott.

Elliott lived in Portland, Oregon, before moving to California. “If you can imagine a town full of people who chew and drive trucks, that would be pretty accurate to where I lived.”

Her expectation of the students was that they would be stuck-up because they’re Californians. Yet, despite this preconception, she was still excited to move.

When she got here, Elliot realized how wrong she was. “The second I stepped on campus, I realized how beautiful it is.” This alone gave her high hopes of the school.

For most new students, it may be difficult to make new friends, but this wasn’t the case for her, either. “All the students at Vista are so friendly and they openly accepted me into their groups,” she said.

She also believes that the academics are outstanding here at Vista. “You can tell the teachers actually care. They’re all here because they want to be and are super friendly.” She does admit that the teachers push you, though, but in a good way.

“Ultimately, I’m so glad I moved here and came to this school. I never imagined gaining so many friends so quickly, but everyone here is just so friendly. I’m glad I’m spending my first and last year of high school at Vista.”