Midnight Memories

Midnight Memories

UK boy band One Direction released their debut album, “Up All Night”, in 2011, which smashed the charts and became the fastest selling album in the UK that year. It bumped to number one on the US Billboard 200, making One Direction the first UK group in history to have their debut album number one in the US, blowing away famous records held by The Beatles and Spice Girls.

Their second album, “Take Me Home,” took home the same international accomplishments becoming the number one selling album in 37 countries and became the fourth best-selling album of 2012. One Direction made history for being the first boy band in the U.S.-chart history to land two number-one albums in one year.

And now they’re back with another album that is already breaking more records, entitled “Midnight Memories.” The “Midnight Memories” album has once again topped charts, becoming the fastest selling album of 2013. For only $11.99 on iTunes, it has over a quarter of a million copies sold in the first week of release. And currently, the album is number one on the Billboard 200, making One Direction the first ever group to have their first three albums debuted at number one.

The album is not only number one in America and the UK, but also 25 other countries. This being only the third week since release on November 25, 2013. And let’s not forget, the band has only been together three years, after their loss on the UK’s X-Factor, taking home third place.

“Midnight Memories” has an overall pop/rock/indie feel, which is new for them. Also, the band members have written 12 out of the 14 songs on the album.

Though they have not always been the typical boy band (considering they don’t dance or have synchronized outfits), they still have the pop sound. Harry Styles, 19, talking about the new album to DigitalSpy, said, “”I think it’s very different, but not too different. It’s a good transition from the last two.”

Louis Tomlinson, 21, also of One Direction, adds on, “”It’s different, but it fits.”

 The album starts off with the band’s summer-hit release “Best Song Ever” that combines both their familiar pop with a new rock sound.  “I think‘Best Song Ever’ was a good link between the two, and that evolution just keeps going,” said Styles.

The next song on the album, “Story of My Life,” was recently released as a single, displaying their own lives through the lyrics and video, linked.

“Diana” is the third song of the album, written specifically for Directioners (One Direction fans) who have depression or thoughts of suicide. The song is meant to stop self-harm and the depression within the fans, with lyrics of “You’ve been lonely” and “Let me be the one to lift your heart up and save your life.”

The thrid song, carries the album’s name, “Midnight Memories.” The song includes a catchy chorus with a frat party feel.

“You & I” takes the fifth spot on the album, a quiet ballad with a saddening tune, until it morphs into a touching ending of heavenly high verses as the simple guitar turns electric.

A reassuring song comes next, with heavy piano play and vocals, called “Don’t Forget Where You Belong.” It is clear that this is not only a song to the public, but to the band members themselves, when they name situations in which they reminisce on their hometowns and family before their fame, just as they had done in “Story of My Life.”

“Strong” has the normal pop/rock tone that the past albums had, yet with deeper lyrics than usual, including “My hands, your hands, tied up like two ships. Drifting, weightless, waves trying to break it. I’d do anything to save it.”

“Happily” is the eighth song on the album, displaying an amazing balance between indie and classic guitar tunes. The song is a very tap-your-feet-and-clap-your-hands, almost making you want to dance like a tribal member.

“Right Now” is next with a slow, yet loud beat of love with many high notes and lyrics such as, “Right now, I wish you were here with me.”

“Little Black Dress” is next, a very classic rock tune that simply speaks of someone infatuated with a girl in a little black dress.

After that comes “Through the Dark,” a fast-paced guitar sounding bluegrass in genre, with deep, slowly sung words of love, “Oh, I will carry you over fire and water for your love.”

“Something Great” exemplifies the indie side of One Direction that has only been seen a few times. The folk-like song expresses a longing love with the words, “I want you here with me, like how I pictured it, so I don’t have to keep imagining.”

The thirteenth song, “Little White Lies,” has their typical pop/rock sound with heavy bass and a catchy repetitive chorus, explaining the story of a boy whose mind is focused solely on a girl who pretends to be a “good girl,” though he knows she isn’t.

The final song the album is “Better Than Words,” with an airy, playful theme of electric guitars and flutes.

One Direction also has released an alternate version of the album, “Midnight Memories” (Deluxe), for the small price of $14.99 on iTunes, which includes four extra songs: “Why Don’t We Go There,” “Does He Know?,” “Alive,” and “Half a Heart.” The band members wrote 15 out of the 18 songs on the deluxe version.

“Why Don’t We Go There” has a more mature pop/rock-alternative music sound, with lyrics such as, “I don’t want you to be the one that got away, I wanna get addicted to you, yea.”

“Does He Know?” is about someone who voices his opinion that he knows more about someone than the guy that person is currently in a relationship with, with a pop/rock sound.

“Alive” is very rock-like with its heavy bass, drums and high-guitar melodies, and is basically advising to just “live your life.”

The “Midnight Memories” (Deluxe) album ends with the love ballad, “‘Half a Heart,” about a broken relationship with the lyrics, “I’m half a man at best, with half an arrow in my chest.”