Where we are with Vista’s Broadcast

Students who aren’t new to Vista are probably aware that Vista no longer has live broadcast. Ever since 2010, Vista had live broadcast ran by Sandi Hathaway; however, Hathaway is no longer at Vista and the broadcast was abandoned.

It appears that the live broadcast will be gone from the announcements for the 2013 school year. What are the chances Vista will return to it? Practically none. “The broadcast class is missing, we no longer have a tricaster, and the teleprompter is broken,” said senior Ashlee Zarou. Also, the administration didn’t want the broadcast because Hathaway was no longer at Vista to teach it.

Thankfully, Zarou and her sophomore assistants–Lucy Brancoli, Brad Schummer, Isaac Hamilton, and Cooper Rode–revived the broadcast. It is different, but in most ways for the better.

Now Vista’s broadcast is pre-recorded in room G-203  with a better quality camera. Once it’s edited, they post it on YouTube where advisory classes and students can watch it anytime.

What makes this better than previous years? There were numerous technical difficulties when the broadcast was live– poor timing, quiet voices, and sometimes it wouldn’t work at all. Being pre-recorded ensures there are no technical difficulties and that it is perfect upon release. However, there is a longer wait for each broadcast.

Instead of being every Wednesday like the live broadcasts were, pre-recorded broadcasts only appear every two weeks. This can be viewed as both an advantage and a disadvantage. Yes, Vista doesn’t have as many broadcasts, but having fewer creates more excitement for each one. “Now that the broadcast is every two weeks, it’s more focused on getting people excited for school events, such as games, dances, and other school activities, rather than just repeating what was heard on the intercom,” said Zarou.

So far, the bi-monthly broadcast has been a success. There are virtually no technical difficulties and the quality has vastly improved. Though it has changed, the Vista broadcast continues to fulfill it’s job of informing and entertaining the student body.