Vista Girl’s Golf Team Finishes Strong Season

“It all starts out with the drive,”said Marina Peralta, but she’s not talking about cars. She’s talking about golf — specifically the women’s varsity golf team.

The  women’s golf team just finished their season with an amazing record of 16-1, winning both tournaments and sections.

Coach Miguel Rodriguez thought the area where the team, as a whole, excelled“…would probably be hitting off the tee box.”

Of course, the strong team was stacked with strong players.

“Emilee Hoffman, from tee-to-green, was the best player,” said Rodriguez. Others, like freshman Noor Ahmed, were good with their short game. “Rileigh and Abby improved as the year went on,” said Rodriguez.

Mark Keeton, the athletic director, said through an email interview that the individuals had an amazing season which led to great team success, and he gives Coach Rodriguez credit for his work with the team. “Coach Rodriguez has really put his imprint on this program.”

Looking towards the future, “They just need to keep having fun!” said Rodriguez.

Ahmed was happy being part of the team, saying that it impacted her game. “It doesn’t matter if you play good or not. It just matters if you have fun,” Ahmed said. “It is not just a single contributor, but the whole team contributes. I think we are all equal.”

“We’re a really young team, but going to come back better than ever next year,” said Peralta.