The Winners of the Pen-to-Paper Write-off Literary Magazine

After much anticipation, the wait is over. The Quill and Scroll Honor Society has finally revealed the winners of this year’s second literary magazine.

Before Thanksgiving break, the group sent invitations to the finalists letting them know that they won a spot in the literary magazine “Splattered Ink,” but no one knew what place they got in the category they entered.

The questions of who-won-what were answered at 6 p.m. in the multi on Dec.10. The ceremony started with Janice Johnson, adviser of Quill and Scroll. “This is the second year of doing the literary magazine,”she said. “But we know it will get bigger each year.” Johnson hopes that this literary magazine will promote writing on campus.

There were over a hundred submissions in this competition, out of which fifteen winners were picked, said Johnson

And the winners are:


First place is Kaysen Pyle for “And so She Walked on Stars”

Second place is Jamie Jordan for “His Own Story”

There was a tie for second place in fiction, which was Josh Marks,  for “Discovery of Dr. Indus”

Third place was Alison Waterman for “Mind Weavers”

And for honorable mention was Emily Daniels for “Mountain of fire.”


First Place was Keiko Tsubi for “Suono.”

Second place was Aleena Lund “Lund for Rain.”

Tied for second place is Christian Guevara for “My Golden Wedding Ring.”

Third place was Alison Waterman for “Performance Anxiety.”

Five people received an honorable mention, including Kathy Palcios for “Cycle,” Jamie Jordan for “What the Mirror Saw,” Amelia Eversole for “the Devil’s Name,” Jamie Jordan for “Ampersand,” Emma Jansson for “Daisies,” and Shannon Cefalu for “The Watchers. ”

The Best in Show winner is Claire Jacobs for her “The Sixth Sense” entry in fiction.

Now the winning pieces will be published in the second literary magazine, “Splattered Ink,” as well as be entered into the national Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards.

Congratulations to the winners who won the Pen-to-Paper-Write-Off, and good luck to all in the Scholastic Arts and Writing awards.