Series War: Who’s the Best?


Makenzie Orloff

Vistians weigh-in on the Series War, bumping Hunger Games up as the clear winner.

Based on a poll of 80 Vista del Lago freshmen, the most popular book/movie series is “Hunger Games.” This is not a surprise, considering the movie sequel, “Catching Fire,” premiered in theaters on Thursday, November 21.

“Hunger Games” was a New York Times #1 bestseller and was in the top 5 on the list for 171 weeks. The series has been a big hit not only at Vista, but all over America and in 37 other countries.

Although “Hunger Games” was the winner with 24 votes, “Marvel” came in second with 21 votes.

Freshman Lindsay Rose believes that the Marvel series is still the best because with the “clever, cool, awesome” characters and “action-packed plot”, the Marvel superheroes are hard not to love. Even the villains are a huge hit. “Loki is my favorite character because he is very witty and funny,” said Rose.

Following closely behind with 20 votes, “Harry Potter” is an “exciting series that digs into your emotions,” according to freshman Megan Settlemoir. Like many other fans, she found the books intriguing because, at the time, the idea had never been done before.

In fourth place with six votes was the “Divergent” series. Haley Gilmer described the story as “dauntless.” Not many people know about this series, but all those who have read the trilogy have loved it. The plot line is similar to “Hunger Games” in that it takes place in a dystopian future and people must take a test to get placed into a district (or faction).  The story line eventually dives deep into the life of Beatrice Prior as she ventures through the future Chicago, similar to how Katniss had to make her way through the capital in the “Hunger Games.

Susan Dominus raved about the story in New York Times. “’Divergent’ holds its own genre, with brisk pacing, lavish flights of imagination and wring that occasionally startles with fine detail… clearly thrills, but also movingly explores a more common adolescence anxiety…” she said. “Divergent can no longer be ignored.”  After the movie comes out, “Divergent” is anticipated to be the most popular series of the year.

In last place, “Twilight” gets only two votes. Freshman Holly Durfee raves about the series. “[It’s a] good mix of romance and dark humor,” she said. “I love this series because when it was first written, it was so original with its mysterious, yet passionate characters. Stephanie Meyer created a series to last forever.”

All in all, Vista del Lago freshmen truly love a good series. Getting lost in the books and the movies, absorbed in the plot, and attached to the characters.