Before I Die, I Want To…


Everyone has something they want to accomplish before they die. Whether it’s skydiving, visiting Egypt or being in a movie, we all have a goal. Here are some people who know what they want:

“Get married.”- Ben Mejia

“Own my own cattle-ranch.”- Hunter Walls

“Learn how to surf.”- Nick Edwards

“Dine and dash.”- Natalia Maverakis

“Eat sushi for all three meals of the day.”- Courtland McCoy

“Become president of the United States.”- Hannah Braidman

“Learn another language fluently.”- Amelia Eversole

“Visit the Great Barrier Reef.” – Rachael Cleveland

“Learn to speak Spanish fluently.”- Elisabeth Corley

“Visit every country in the world.” – Nicole Wycoff

“Open up my own garage.”- George Schumacher

“Open my own restaurant in Hawaii.”- Parker Boyea

“Get married.” – Adam King

“Build an orphanage.” – Praveen Shergill

“Think about what I want to do before I die.”- Isaac Hamilton

“Go skydiving.”- Amanda Reinard

“Film a movie that plays in theaters.” – Brad Schummer

“Go down Niagra Falls in a barrel.” – Cooper Rode

We all have hopes and dreams, some of them achievable and some of them, maybe not so much. Leave a comment about something on your bucket list.