Smencil Fundraiser

Be a hero and buy some to help save the senior edition of the newspaper!

Be a hero and buy some to help save the senior edition of the newspaper!


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Scented pencils? Blasphemy! How could a pencil have the scent of a soda or of something tropical? Well, get ready to have your mind blown–the Vista Voice newspaper is now selling them.

First, what is a Smencil? A Smencil is a pencil made from 100 percent recycled newspaper and strongly smells of different scents, like Orange or Gummy Bear. The Vista Voice is having a fundraiser selling Smencils ($1) and Smens ($2), as well as Holiday Smencil Grams in order to raise money for the senior edition newspaper.

Last year the printing of the senior edition newspapers was free of charge for Vista, but this year Vista must pay for the printing.

Luckily, the Vista Voice is taking measures to make sure we still have a senior edition, starting with the Smencil fundraiser.

The Smens and Smencils can be bought in student accounts at any time, and the Smencil Grams are being sold during lunch.

Smens and Smencils make great gifts for anyone and can be used as stocking stuffers. Not only that, but they have enticing scents that will cause everyone to envy the owner of such a great writing utensil.

And don’t forget, finals are coming up and Smencils can make the dreaded task of taking a 100 question test a lot more bearable.

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