Common App Malfunctions

Its crunch time for college hopefuls around the world

Natalia Maverakis

It’s crunch time for college hopefuls around the world

As the countdown begins for college applications to be turned in, students are stressed enough. But the recent development of Common Application glitches is proving to be another hurdle for students, as well as teachers.

Here’s what’s wrong: The newest version of the Common App, launched on August 1, was designed to ease the application process. However, “As with any new technological launch, some difficulties arose after launch and as more users interacted with the system,” said Scott Anderson, The Common Application Director of Policy.

Steps are being taken in order to minimize the effects of future issues, such as testing the system to improve it little by little. In addition, they are making efforts to keep everyone informed via email communications and social media.

The various problem are listed in the “Known Issues” reported by support channels, but very few of them have been resolved. The most prevalent concern among Vista del Lago students and teachers appears to be the difficulties in submitting letters of recommendation.

“If they are looking for students with high standards, it might be essential to have those same high standards for a working website,” Vista del Lago teacher Janice Johnson said.

“The reason why we’re having so many problems is because they made the site so only newer versions of servers would work on it,” Johnson said, “knowing that the teachers and districts that would access the site are functioning on shoestring budgets with old servers and software. Someone dropped the ball.”

Clearly, the Common App site still has a long road ahead of it in regards to  making the system universally user-friendly.

Some colleges have been very understanding as early decision deadlines approach, by emailing deadline extension notices and proactively reminding prospective students that they understand the hardships of this application cycle.

When it comes down to it, the only students that will be severely impacted by these difficulties will be the ones who procrastinate. It is highly suggested that appliers submit their applications in advance of their deadlines so that if any difficulties do arrive, the Common App staff can accommodate for any displaced counselors and students.