Vista Sports Moving Up Divisions

“Started from the bottom/now we here,” said Drake, which seems appropriate for Vista’s teams this year.

With the exception of soccer, which started out in division three, Vista’s teams started in division four. Now with Vista getting better and winning soundly in division games, all Vista sports are moving up one division.

There were multiple factors that played a part in this move, one of them being that in division four our freshman only had one other team to play. Teams like Galt, Union Mine, El Dorado and River City don’t have freshman teams which poses a problem, and their season was cut short because of it.

Another reason Vista is moving up divisions is to better match our competitive abilities.  Need proof?

“Vista has one of the best women programs,” athletic director Mark Keeton said. Also, the soccer team won sections 3 years in a row and our football team won league three years ago. Last year was the first time our football team won a playoff game. We obviously need better-matched opponents.

Another factor that figured into the shift is the population of our school, which is usually how high school sports are placed in division. The bigger the school, the better division.

Since 2010 we have been placed in the same division, but now that four years have come up we are now relocating divisions. It’s hard to say how Vista sports will fair against the other teams, but we are excited to get a chance to move up and play with some better competition.