Regular Television vs. Streaming

Over half of the American population prefers to watch digitally streamed TV instead of the actual television, according to the Harris Interactive.  The reasons trend from price ranges to overall convenience.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, streaming is a way to watch videos online without the interruptions of advertisements.

In regards to the pricing, it is true that streaming is much cheaper. Take a widely used cable company like DIRECTV and their basic plan of 25-dollars a month for basic TV shows. Now compare that to Netflix’s $8 a month streaming plan. In this case, Netflix wins. However, while Netflix offers more shows and varieties, they don’t have the ‘popular’ shows that television plays and sometimes they don’t have the newest episodes.

One of the convenient stream sites is Project Free TV. This is a television channel that showcases a variety of programs, movies and forums. “I can watch it any time I want,” said senior Jake Gorton. He is not interrupted by commercials, making it especially appealing.

“I like to stream because then I don’t have to wait around for a new episode every week. I can just watch whole seasons back to back,” said junior Arielle Frank.

But, streaming isn’t for everyone. “I don’t stream videos because I don’t even know how to do it,” said senior Ashlee Zarou.

“I can’t watch live-stream because I will get addicted,” said senior Lauren Downing. “I used to have it and it made me procrastinate too much. Two hundred episodes of one show over the summer, that’s sort of bad.”

Some would just rather stick to watching shows the old fashion way. “I would rather just stick to watching shows the way I’ve been watching my whole life,” said Vista parent Shayla Frank. “I don’t want to get flustered with the ways of technology.”

Though some find streaming confusing or not enjoyable, most in America prefer to use it due to its low prices and convenience.