Secret Menus of Fast Food

Animal-style fires, just one of the great super-secret options that In-n-Out offers on the sly.

Janice Johnson

Animal-style fires, just one of the great super-secret options that In-n-Out offers on the sly.

Everyone knows what a secret menu is, but few ever the contents, so here’s a brief look at what various restaurants offer:

On In-n-Out’s website they have their “Not-So-Secret Menu” for anyone to see online, but not in the actual restaurant. It consists of a Double Meat (which is the Double Double with no cheese), a 3×3 (three-patty cheeseburger), a 4×4 (four-patty cheeseburger), a simple grilled cheese, a protein style burger (cheeseburger with lettuce instead of buns), and the animal style burger (cheeseburger with mustard cooked patty, extra original sauce and toppings, and grilled onions). Other secret burgers that are not put on In-n-Out’s website include the flying Dutchman (a simple two-patty cheeseburger without buns), and a veggie/wish burger (all vegetable and sauce burger). Junior Heather Ingles, 16, enjoys the Animal Style burger saying, “It is fantastic!”

Fries can be ordered animal style or cheese fries and can be cooked either well-done (cooked crunchy), light well (cooked crispy), or light (cooked soft).

As for secret drinks, there are  rootbeer floats, Neapolitan shakes, and black & white shakes (vanilla and chocolate),  all of which are available in large or extra-large cups if you ask.

Jamba Juice has a large secret menu that consist of Blue Gummi Bear, Chocolate Gummi Bear, Green Gummi Bear, Pink Gummi Bear, Red Gummi Bear, White Gummi Bear and so on, tasting like actual Gummi Bears. For a full list of drinks, click here.  Ingles said, “The Pink Star literally tastes like a pink Starburst.”

Starbucks has over a hundred secret drinks–too many to list here–but if you would like to look them over, go here.  They have certain flavors for every new season.

McDonalds, too, has a secret menu consisting of the McGang (a double cheeseburger with a spicy chicken patty stuck in the middle), the Poor Man’s Big Mac (a mini, cheaper Big Mac), the Monster Mac (an eight-patty cheeseburger), and more. For a full secret menu click here. Junior Arielle Frank said, “The Monster Mac is so good!”

Taco Bell also has a secret menu with a Heroic theme, including The Incredible Hulk Burrito (a five layer burrito with guacamole instead of nacho cheese), and the Superman Burrito (a cheesy double beef burrito loaded with extra potatoes, sour cream, guacamole, and tortilla chips).

For a full list on the secret menu at Taco Bell and other fast food chains, go  here.