Sacramento Republic FC


While everyone is excited to have the Sacramento Kings remain in Sacramento, the city is also attracting other sports that can draw crowds, such as the Sacramento Republic FC.

On December 3, 2012, the United Soccer League announced that a franchise would be awarded to Sacramento.

This announcement was made during “Sacramento Soccer Day,” an event  held at Sacramento State University designed to introduce the logo, the team colors and the team name to the Sacramento public. It featured a game between an English Premier League team and a top-level Mexican League team.

Sacramento was awarded this franchise because they have hopes of having a Major League Soccer team in the future, along with already having an influential youth soccer system.

The team is negotiating rights with Sacramento City College so that they can play at Hughes Stadium. This is a good deal for all parties involved because it would bring much-needed foot-traffic to the college while providing Sacramento Republic with a good-sized stadium for strong attendance numbers.

The common misconception for professional teams in Sacramento is that they cannot get large numbers for attendance; however, this will not be the case for the Sacramento Republic because they have made a large attempt to reach out to the youth and make to make sure they are interested.

In order to obtain the players they need to make a productive and competitive team, they are  having high-level player tryouts along with bringing in what ever free-agents that they can afford.

This will not only boost the Sacramento soccer community, but it will also help the economy by providing more jobs and a source of income.