Consequences of Cheating

When it comes to tests, we, as students, all know there can be late-night cramming sessions full of flashcards, formulas and few (or no) hours of sleep. However, according to a recent study done by Stanford University, between 75 and 98 percent of high school and college students surveyed admit to cheating in some way.

As times have changed and technology has advanced, cheating has become much more accessible to students. From buying essays online to taking pictures of exams and tests, technology has given students new ways to cheat.  In fact, statistics show that in the past 50 years cheating in high school and college levels has increased drastically.

“Often I don’t think the students realize how serious of a crime cheating can be. It can really affect their entire future,” said one admissions counselor at UC San Diego.

“I’ve seen a lot of students here get kicked out of class, lose their scholarships, and even get suspended because of simple plagiarism on tests and small exams we have,” said Olivia Orgon, a student at the University of Oregon.

However, cheating not only occurs across the nation at colleges, it’s also right here at Vista.

At Vista del Lago, one of the most important elements that staff enforces is academic honesty. From the beginning of the year advisors and administration stress the importance and repercussions of cheating.

“I think many students use the excuse they don’t know the policy of cheating when they are caught, but they are fully aware of the policies, especially when they are given in advisory lessons, reinforced by teachers, and posted on the school website,” said senior Maddie Scambray.

Then why cheat? “ I don’t think students cheat because they are always too lazy to study, but sometimes they cheat because they feel the need to keep up with other students at school academically and this is the easiest way to excel in a class,” said senior Kylee McClure.

So, the next time you think of copying a quick homework assignment or an answer on a test, remember all the consequences that cheating can have on your future.