Is Vista Ever Getting Bleachers?

Want to sit in the stands of our own stadium? Wish it would happen next year?

“You guys will be gone; I’ll be gone,” said Dr. John Dixon, Vista’s principal.

Since 2008, Vista has been playing football at Folsom High School’s stadium because of the lack of bleachers on the hillside of Vista’s football field due to an insufficient amount of funding.

Right now, the total amount of money raised by Vistas’ Talon Club is ten thousand dollars. The cost to put in bleachers …. three million dollars.

One of the reasons Vista doesn’t have stands is because of a mineral called asbestos which is along the hillside of Vista’s field.  If inhaled for long period of time, the chemical can cause serious illnesses, such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. “The cost to remove the asbestos from the hillside would be hundreds and thousands of dollars,” Dixon said.

And what about the people in the houses above? When they first moved in back when Vista was being built they were a little agitated about having a lit stadium right across the street. However, they knew of this possibility when buying the house.

Dixon also mentioned that not even the press box would be at the height of the street so all the people would have to worry about is the sound. “Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if the sound was apparent four to five times a week,” said Josh Lugo,  a resident above the football field and also a sophomore at Vista.

So now the question is, how else can we raise money?  Dixon said that the city could pass a bond to help the costs, or someone could donate a substantial amount of money to help the process. However, in this economy, money is scarce.

“We are content, not happy, but content at Folsom’s field,” Dixon said.  And with Folsom’s new blue turf, it may not represent Vista’s colors but it attracts people from all around the area producing more revenue.

As of now, Vista will still play at Folsom’s field for the near future. However, when football player Hunter Walls was asked about playing at another high school’s field, he said, “Honestly it’s not that bad, but it would be nice to play at our home field.”