In Case You Missed it: “Dangerous Waters” Advisory Speaker

Imagine traveling from Seattle, Wash. through the Bering Strait, receiving a call from the federal government, and being detained by the Russian military, all while on Jet Skis. That’s exactly what Steven Moll and the “Dangerous Waters” crew did.

The 65 day and 4500 mile journey took them from their warm homes in California, to the frigid waters of the Bering Strait, all the way to Russia. Steven Moll, the man behind the idea, visited Vista del Lago on Wednesday, October 16,  for an advisory lesson about not giving up on a dream.

Moll told the story of how he didn’t like his job, and when he was laid off due to the recession he decided to do something no one had ever done before.  He rounded up the friends who were willing to help him, a camera crew and Jet Skis and took off to Russia.

What prompted him to even think of something so dangerous? Moll said it was a client who took him on Jet Skis around the Golden Gate Bridge that gave him the idea. After raising enough money to fund the trip, the crew headed up to Seattle to embark on their adventure.

The trip was unlike anything they were prepared for. They had to be rescued in the Bering Strait by the crab fisherman from the TV show “Deadliest Catch,” saw whales swim underneath their jet skis, along with Polar Bears and much more wildlife that was nothing like they’d ever seen.

The first season of their television show (which is currently in its seventh season) is their trip to Russia.  It will air on MAVTV, but right now they are still in post-production for season three.