A Midsummer Night Dream

Junior Jesse Cassani pickets to woo Helena in true 60s fashion.

Vista Voice

Junior Jesse Cassani pickets to woo Helena in true 60s fashion.

Amazing, hilarious, a must see. The Vista del Lago Drama Department is performing “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare, and it has taken over the stage with love, kings, queens and war.

Like any good comedy, this play will cause you to laugh out loud, practically rolling on the floor.

Directed by Mark Cornfield and assisted by Sarah Morris, this play was a team effort. Lighting and set design was done by Daniel Cornfield, costume design was by L Little, poster design by Aubrey Widmaier, set construction was done by the cast, parents and members of the Drama Club, the costume construction was done by Suzan Little and Caitlyn Dagnall, and the tech crew was Tanner Reed, Ethan Reynolds, Eric Richardson and Evelyn Eidsath.

Set in the sixties, this is a story filled with love, magic, war and foolishness. So what could go wrong? When King Oberon of the Fairies, played by senior Craig Roest, wants the heart of the Queen of the Fairies, Titania (played by senior Claudia McStay), things go wrong in the classic style of Shakespeare’s hilarious misunderstandings and practical jokes.

Oberon puts together a plan to win the heart of Titania with the help of Puck, played by L Little, but his plan spirals out of control. People keep falling in and out of love with one another. Helena, played by senior Renee Beckwith, says she is in love with Demetrius, played by senior Noah Wardell, but then some how ends up in a sticky situation with Lysander, played by junior Jesse Cassani. And when Hermia, played by senior Anne Ellis, finds out her love, Lysander is somehow in love with Helena, a war starts.

A protective mother, Egeus, played by senior Emily Stafford, and a group of other characters are mixed in with the story, making the audience want to know where Oberon plans are heading.

Will this love triangle resolve? Can Oberon get his true love without Puck messing things up once again?

With a forest setting and hippy signs you feel as if you have traveled to the past. And with the unique costumes, the old sixties music and lighting, it sets the perfect mood.

Actress Renne Beckwith, as Helena, shows a side that many of her friends have not seen in every-day life, while Noah Wardell, as Demetrius, and Jesse Cassani, as Lysander, add witty comments and facial expressions that provide excellent comic relief. All of the cast did amazing; it’s impossible tell who did better than the other. When watching the play you can tell they all spent hours studying their lines until they all knew Shakespeare intimately.

Do yourself a favor and get a ticket to see the show on October 24, 25 or 26 at 7 p.m. in Vista del Lago’s black box theater.

$8 for students and $10 for adults.

You don’t want to miss it; your friends will be talking about this play.

Full cast list: sophomore Michael Calderwood plays Theseus, junior Charlie Schroeder plays Hippolyta, senior Emily Stafford plays Egeus, freshmen Lauren Rafter plays Philostrate, senior Anne Ellis plays Hermia, junior Jesse Cassani plays Lysander, senior Noah Wardwell plays Demetrius, senior Renee Beckwith plays Helena, L Little plays Puck, Craig Roest plays Oberon, senior Claudia Mcstay plays Titania, senior Jordan Ashby plays Nick Bottom, sophomore Zaara little plays Quince, senior Alex Thomas plays Flute, sophomore Kylie Williams plays starveling, junior Mat Hohenbrink plays Snout, freshman Maddy plays Snug, freshmen Hailie Harding plays Cobweb, freshman Claire Jacobs plays Moth, freshman Alana Ramsay plays Mustard Seed, and freshman Lindsay Rose plays Peaseblossom.