Currylicious: Peacock Indian Cuisine Review

If you’ve never tried Indian food, chances are you’ve probably wanted to. And even if you haven’t wanted to, you should.

Senior Christian Layton gives Peacock Indian Cuisine a thumbs up for a Thumbs Up soda.

Amelia Eversole

Senior Christian Layton gives Peacock Indian Cuisine a thumbs up for a Thumbs Up soda.

I take a deep breath and open the door. The smell of curry hits me like a semi truck, and I nearly stumble back out onto the sidewalk. Still, I have a job to do. I square my shoulders and forge ahead into the unknown.

 This is my first visit to an Indian restaurant, and those who have gone before me know how daunting it can be to branch out into an area of cuisine that seems so foreign-they also know how incredibly worth it it is.

As my friends and I sit, waiting to order, the smell of curry fades into the background as our nostrils adjust and we are able to smell the more subtle and enticing aromas of traditional Indian cuisine. The scent of curry even becomes comforting.

As we are handed our menus, the knot in my stomach returns, but quickly unravels when I see that underneath each item is a detailed explanation of the ingredients. The friendly waiters also point out which foods are spicier than others, dispelling all remaining apprehensions.

We sit back, and let the meal begin.

For our appetizer, we ordered vegetable samosas. They were everything you could want from a samosa: a flaky, melt-in-the-mouth pastry gave way to a soft but pleasantly spicy blend of potatoes with whole peas that burst in your mouth, leaving a tingly aftertaste.

Brought in the original glass bottles, the Thumbs Up soda is the Indian version of a Pepsi or Coke, but better because it doesn’t contain all the extra preservatives. That being said, it would have been even better if it hadn’t expired nine months earlier.

A loud sizzling preceded the Chicken Tikka Spice Kabob brought out still in the pan, in a bright arrangement just as lively as the sound it made. The softly spiced chicken itself had a beautiful bright red hue and was as tender and tasteful as it was visually appealing.

Now, I’m not an expert on Indian food, but the ratio between the pot of chicken fry curry and small dish of rice seemed severely unbalanced. The curry was very spicy, but would have been more bearable with greater amounts of rice to dull the pain.

Garlic is great in moderation, but the chef went a little bit too far on the garlic naan, a type of flatbread. The naan was disappointingly thin and chewy, definitely not worth repelling all creatures with a nose for days afterward.

The meal was nicely wrapped up with some Double Ka Meeta, deep fried bread soaked in milk and honey. Even before the first bite, it’s warm aroma wafted up to greet our nostrils with its sweetness. The crunchy crust balanced a-for lack of a better word–soggy inside, creating a dish reminiscent of french toast.

As the meal settled in our bellies, we leaned back to enjoy the modern atmosphere created by the Bollywood music videos playing on two large-screen TVs. Overall, the restaurant sports a sleek, contemporary design, making it possible for those of any background to feel at home.

Price: $$

Location: 1870 Prairie City Rd
Ste 500
Folsom, CA 95630

Chicken Tikka Spice Kabob and Vegetable Samosas
Chicken Tikka Spice Kabob and Vegetable Samosas