Claim Your Seat for New TV Shows of 2013

Calling all fantasy, superhero, supernatural and future lovers: new TV shows are marking up millions of fans’ calendars, and you shouldn’t miss out.

Channels like Fox, The CW, ABC, and Lifetime are vamping their stations up with amazing new shows.

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”

Everyone loves “The Avengers” and knows that (spoiler alert) Agent Coulson died, upsetting tons of fans. But now, by the magic of TV,  he is alive and back in action, protecting humans from the unnatural in this new TV show.

The co-creator of “The Avengers,” Joss Whedon, brought Coulson back to life, thrilling thousands of fans. It premiered on September 24, 2013, on ABC at 8 p.m.

Actor Clark Gregg plays Agent Coulson, who runs a small secret agency called S.H.I.E.L.D. “They’re the heroes behind the superheroes, operating in the shadows as the more famous good guys reap the headlines,” wrote Matt Roush in a TV guide article. Together they explore cities all over the world, finding the unknown, the strange, and things that are out of this world.

Coulson’s team consist of some interesting agents: actress Ming-Na Wen plays Agent Melinda May, whose character is a pilot and is trained in martial arts. Actor Brett Dalton plays Agent Grant Ward , whose character is highly trained in combat and espionage. Actor Iain De Caestecker plays Agent Leo Fitz, whose character is a brilliant engineer. Actress Elizabeth Henstrudge plays Agent Jemma Simmons, whose character is a genius bio-chemist. And, last but not least, is newcomer actress Chloe Bennet plays Skye, whose character is not an agent, but joins the team as a computer hacker.

“The show’s greatest asset is also its most provocative mystery: the resurrection of Agent Phil Coulson (the dry, wry Clark Gregg) from his untidy fate in The Avengers, supervising these quirky hotties as they jet around the world in a mammoth stealth aircraft,” said TV Guide.

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If you missed the first two episodes, click here to watch the episodes.

The next episode will premiere on Tuesday, October 1 at 8 pm, and the third episode will premiere on Tuesday, October 15 at 8 pm.


“The Originals”

Vampire, hybrid, witch and supernatural lovers will fall in love with this show. From “The Vampire Diaries” comes a spin-off “The Originals.”

Executive producer Julie Plec used characters from “The Vampire Diaries” and made a new story for them. Be prepared for this show: it will have mystery, love, family and jaw dropping scenes that will have you flying off your seat.

And even though “The Originals” is a spin off of “The Vampire Diaries,” you don’t have to worry. This show will have a new storyline and new events that will cause your head to spin, as said in an interview with the show’s creator in Entertainment Weekly.

And how can you go wrong with ageless vampires? Well, you might want to think twice when you’re one of the original vampires because you never know what might happen when Klaus Mikaelson is around.

Klaus, played by Joseph Morgan, is not just one of the first vampires created. He is half-vampire, half-werewolf making him a hybrid. When Klaus hears of a witch plotting against him he goes to his hometown, New Orleans, to stop this witch. However, once he gets there he meets his old friend Marcel Gerard, played by actor Charles Michael Davis, who has control of the town.

Tension brews between the two after Marcel kills the witch Klaus was seeking, who still is determined to find out what this witch wanted.  But with having the witches wrapped around Marcel’s fingers, the witch, Sophie Devereaux, played by Daniella Pineda, couldn’t tell him anything.

Then when Klaus’s brother Elijah, played by actor Daniel Gillies, comes to town, and finds out why the witches wanted Klaus.

“When the new CW series debuts, viewers will be reminded of the lack of love — or even like — that exists between Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and her one-time one-night-stand Klaus (Joseph Morgan),” wrote Robyon Ross in a TV guide article.

The “The Vampire Diaries” fans will remember Klaus’ brief relationship with Hayley Marshall, a werewolf, played by actress Phoebe Tonkin. Sophie confirms that Hayley is carrying Klaus’s unborn child. This child could kill Hayley if they don’t take action, but that isn’t only thing that is bubbling to the surface of this town.

“Each episode is different. They go between resenting each other and protecting each other a little bit,” Tonkin said in Ross’s article. “But they have some really beautiful moments. They’re both in this … and are in situations they didn’t ask for. … [They] realize they’re now the parents of something else and they can’t be as selfish.”

And there are even more characters filling in this amazing show: Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson, Leah Pipes as Camille O’Connell, and Danielle Campbell as Davina Claire.

Magic and mystery will cause everyone to sink their teeth into this show leaving fans craving to know more.

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Premieres on Thursday October 3, 2013 on The CW at 9 p.m.

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Next episode will premiere on Thursday, October 8 at 9 p.m., and the third episode will premiere on Tuesday, October 15 at 8 p.m.

If you missed the first episode, watch it here on the official website.

“Witches of East End”

Magic only seems possible when reading books, but what if you could suddenly do magic youself?

Freya Beauchamp, played by actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and her sister Ingrid, played by actress Rachel Boston, live normal lives until their family history is revealed, and it is anything nothing but normal.

Inspired by the best-selling novel “Witches of the East,” written by Melissa de la Cruz, executive producers Maggie Friedman, Jonathan Kaplan, Erwin Stoff and Josh Reims make the Beauchamp family come to life.

Joanna, played by actress Julia Ormond, and her two daughters Freya and Igrid have lived all their lives not knowing that they are gifted with magic.

Freya is engaged to the man of her dreams, but she finds herself falling for Dash Gardiner, played by actor Eric Winter. Eventually Dash’s brother Killian, played by actor Daniel DiTomasso, is merged into her life without knowing the consequences.

And as if this couldn’t get any worse, Joanna’s sister Wendy, played by actress Madchen Amick, comes to town, telling Freya and Igrid that they are actually immortal witches. They need Freya and Intrigued to protect their town from an enemy that could end the Beauchamp family life.

But can they keep the town turned right side up when they barely know how to use their own powers?

“They discover magic and the dark secrets of their family’s past,” wrote Amanda Taylor in a Entertainment Weekly article.

Don’t miss the epic new show on Lifetime at 10 p.m. on October 6, 2013. Your senses will be sparking with magic.

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The second episode will premiere on October 13, 2013 at 10 p.m., and if you want the buy the book, click here.

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“The Tomorrow People”

Waking up somewhere else isn’t exactly normal, but when you aren’t normal yourself then that’s a different story.

From the executive producers Julie Plec, “The Vampire Diaries,” “Kyle XY,” Greg Berlanti’s “Arrow,” “Green Lantern,” and Phil Klemmer’s “Political Animals” and “Chuck” comes “The Tomorrow People.”

As a team, they vamped up the 1970s British sci-fi series and reused the main character named, Stephen Jameson, played by actor Robbie Amell. Until last year, he was just a normal teen, but that all changes when he hears voices in his head and appears somewhere different when he wakes up. He knew that he wasn’t like everyone else.

Eventually, Stephen listens to one of the voices, leading him to meet people he doesn’t know.  He meets John, played by actor Luke Mitchell, Cara, played by actress Peyton List, and Russell, played by actor Aaron Yoo, who are all supernatural beings, called the Tomorrow People.

These people are, “The next evolutionary leap of mankind, a generation of humans born with paranormal abilities,” as said on The CW official website.   

The Tomorrow People are being tracked down by a group known as Ultra. Led by Dr. Jedikiah Price, played by actor  Mark Pellegrino, this group sees The Tomorrow People as a threat to humankind, forcing them to live in abandoned subway station.

Then as Stephen is pulled into this world, he is taken by Jedikiah, and Jedikiah offers Stephen a deal. He could live his life as a normal human, but only if  Stephen helps the Ultra to take down “The Tomorrow People.” “The Tomorrow People” themselves also offered him a home where he can find answers about his father’s past and help him control his powers.

With a decision to make, Stephen takes his journey to stay in the human world and to protect “The Tomorrow People.”

“The pilot ends in a way I did not see coming, and perhaps the best thing going for the series,” as was written in an TVLine article by Matt Webb Mitovich.

Can he truly uncover the mystery of his father’s disappearance, and save people like him?

Tune into The CW on Wednesday October 9 at 9 p.m.

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The second episode will be on October 16th at 9 p.m.

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“Almost Human”

We see the future with flying cars, instant meals and teleportation devices. When people are in the year 2048, they have robots partnered up with human police officers.

Executive producer J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman create the world of detective John Kennex, played by actor Karl Urban, who survived one of the most tragic attacks ever against the police department. After waking up from a 17-month coma, he doesn’t remember what actually happened but realizes that he lost one of his legs. Despite of what he has been through, he returns to his work .

When he returns to work he is is ordered by Sandra Maldonado, played by actress Lili Taylor, to have a partner because every cop is partnered up with a robot.

John gets partnered up with battle-ready MX 43. MX 43 doesn’t last long because when the robot finds out secret information about John that no one should know, and the robot is instantly terminated by him.

John goes back to his work headquarters to speak with technician Rudy Lom, played by actor Mackenzie Crook, to ask her for a new robot. This is when she introduced him to Dorian, played by actor Michael Ealy, a discontinued android with emotional responses.

And even though Dorian has his flaws, John relates. “After all, John is part-machine now, and Dorian is part-human,” as written on Fox’s official website.

Then even though John just got used to Dorain, he has to get used his new colleagues, Detective Valerie, played by actress Minka Kelly, and Detective Richard Paul, played by actor Michael Irby.

From this brilliant new show, we will follow John and Dorian as they fight crimes, while John’s past unfolds into the new world.

Tune into Fox on November 4 at 8 p.m.

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Next episode will air on November 11 at 8 p.m.